18 Tips to Stay Lean

Eighteen in the Jewish tradition represents the numerical value of the word chai.  It simply reflects Judaism's focus on the importance of life. The typical Jewish toast is l'chayim (to life).  Following these 18 tips will help you lead a long healthy life!    

Toxins in a Little Blue, Pink, and Yellow Packet

Many times when people decide to give up sugar, they quickly resort to artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are definitely not the answer! Sorbitol, saccharin, aspartame and sucralose are actually worse for you than sugar itself. All of these artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer, tumors, and obesity. Yes, artificial sweeteners cause weight gain by disrupting your body's natural hormones.

Dying a Sweet Death

It is no longer a secret or even a shock to most people that refined sugar causes weight gain and is one of the leading causes of obesity in the world. Sugar is also extremely addictive (causing feeling of highs and lows in the body similar to most drugs).  And the negative side effects are just as bad as drugs, if not worse.


We encourage all of our patients to choose an organic whole foods diet that has minimal amounts of sugars, white flour products, synthetic additives, or various ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. This is universally beneficial to all people.

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