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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture successfully treats many physical and mental conditions. Click below to learn more.


Dr. Jack Tobol A.P. practices Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. Classical Acupuncture is a powerful approach to health, a form of medical treatment that has withstood the test of centuries. It treats not only the physical symptoms of discomfort and disease, but uncovers and heals the emotional and mental distress that often is the root of physical illness.

Acupuncture aids in bringing clarity, inner and outer strength, and a sense of peacefulness within yourself.  It can be very powerful for those seeking personal growth and balance in today's world.

When you walk into the clinic, you know something is different: you relax in a space that is feng-shui correct, warm and comfortable. We will spend quality time with you and we specialize in treating the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms. The results we get are incredible and can be life-changing. Call to see if we can help you.

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