7 Effective Fat Loss Strategies When Dining Out

  1. Develop a plan in Advance
    Look at the restaurant menu online and decide on the healthiest option that you would enjoy and stick to it.
  2. Eat a small, healthy snack before dining out
    If you’re pleasantly hungry, rather than starved you can relax, eat slowly and enjoy the meal, rather than risk losing control by overeating unhealthy foods.
  3. Load up on vegetables
    Unless they are fried or soaked in butter or oil, you cannot go wrong with veggies because they are very low in calories, high in fiber and loaded with other beneficial nutrients, and have almost no adverse effect on blood sugar levels. 
  4. Include a lean protein source
    For example, if you order a large salad, ask the waiter to add grilled chicken or fish.
  5. Make simple, healthier changes to the meals you enjoy
    If you only order what you think you “should” rather than what you really want, you may feel deprived and will most likely crave something more.  For example, ask the waiter if you could have your sandwich or burger without cheese and mayonnaise, add extra lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard. 
  6. Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Slowly
  7. Listen to your Body

Stop Eating when you begin to feel full, not necessarily when your plate is empty.  No one says you have to eat the entire meal.  Box it up and enjoy the rest later.

What to Ask the Waiter

YOU are the paying customer and can request that your meal is prepared however you like.  Here are some examples of what to tell the waiter to help keep your meal healthy, yet still enjoyable:

  • Could I have my fish grilled instead of fried?
  • Could you please go light on the cheese (oil, butter, cream, etc.)?
  • Could I have my baked potato with everything on the side?
  • Could I get olive oil and lemons to use as my dressing?
  • Can you steam the vegetables without any oil or butter, please?
  • May I get half of my meal boxed up in advance please?
  • Could I have marinara sauce instead of the creamy one used in the dish? 
  • Instead of French fries, could you bring me a salad, dressing on the side, about 10 minutes before my entrée?