Back Pain

Dr. Suzanne is very professional in her work and has provided excellent results. She is caring person one if a few that will take the time to listen to her patients.
Sorry you moved to Florida.

John W.
Anxiety, Headaches, GI Issues

"I had been bouncing from doctor to doctor in a desperate search for someone who would competently treat a variety of issues I was having. During my initial visit to the office, I shared the list of medications I was taking, which was in excess of 5, in order to manage symptoms I was having including anxiety, headaches, and debilitating GI distress. At that point in my life, I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeking care with Acupuncture. I am happy to say that at this point, after completing treatment, I am on no daily medications, enjoy eating any foods I want, and no longer struggle with the anxiety issues I once had."

Michelle J.

“My sole experience with acupuncture has been at the Acupuncture Wellness Center of Coral Springs, and I have been greatly impressed. I originally sought treatment for a skin condition that is 100% better through treatment, herbs and products. I continued treatment to improve my circulation, digestion, balance, anxiety and problems of fatigue due to increased energy, better all around balance in my life and the lack of anxiety. I am sleeping regularly, no longer need a daily nap and feel much more centered spiritually. If you are considering treatment, I highly urge you to try it.”

Kelly Z.

“I got my energy back! Treatment at the Acupuncture Wellness Center of Coral Springs helped me with my indigestion problems AND helped me to get centered physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you.”

Migraine Headache

I had been getting migraine headaches since 2006 and no doctor had been able to remedy the situation. Usually every couple of months, weeks, sometimes once or twice a week, I would experience the incredible pain and all the dreadful symptoms that come along with them. I have had a CAT Scan, MRI, EEG, blood work done, eyes checked and other MD recommended tests with no answers.Finally a Neurologist pinpointed that I suffer from complex migraines but was only interested in giving me medication for when I sense the migraine starting. Not exactly a solution.
After being referred to Dr. Suzanne by another client of hers, I made my first appointment for acupuncture. She told me exactly what to expect and was right on. And not only was she interested in my acupuncture, she was more focused on getting to the root of the matter proving just how caring about solving the issues she is.
I have now been migraine free for almost 2 years and feel great! The acupuncture process not only doesn’t hurt like I originally suspected it would, it is actually one of the most soothing and relaxing processes I’ve ever experienced. Dr. Suzanne's treatment is truly a gift to my world. I would, and do, highly recommend her services to any and everyone that suffers from migraines as well as any other type of difficulty that acupuncture has been known to help.

Chris K.
Tinnitus and Anxiety Sufferer

I sleep much better since you've been treating my Tinnitus. You helped support me through a very difficult period where I was suffering terrible Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. You were able to relax my muscles, relieve my body pain, as well as reduce my anxiety level, and improve my digestion.

Maureen O.